Pét-Nat, short for pétillant-naturel (a French term meaning naturally sparkling) is a wine made using the ancestral method, bottled early without additional sugar or yeast. This method allows the magic (or primary fermentation) to happen in bottle, yielding carbon dioxide that gives the wine a sparkle or fizz.

Pét-Nats have taken the spotlight in recent years as natural wine has gained in popularity — some would say it’s what the “cool kids” are drinking. While we can’t argue with that, this method of making wine has been around since the 16th century, developed by French monks in Limoux, giving Pét-Nats a long history of enjoyment.

In general, these wines are funky, fun and fizzy, often described as rustic and lively by those with more classic tastes. Our 2021 Pét Nat, made of Grüner Veltliner, opens with aromas of pear and brie while hints of green apple, passion fruit and minerality-driven bubbles dance across the palate. 

This wine was hand-crafted by our winemaking team with a spirit of determined whimsy, honoring our sense of place. It is best enjoyed in the sunshine, on a beach with a group of your favorite people.