As the fourth member of the fourth generation to join the Talley family legacy of farming on the San Luis Obispo Coast, Elizabeth Talley brings a fresh perspective to shaping the future vision of her family’s farming and winemaking heritage.

Born in San Luis Obispo, CA, Elizabeth’s earliest memories included spending time with her family walking Talley’s vast vegetable farms in search of fresh ingredients to incorporate into meals alongside her parents, Brian and Johnine, sister, Olivia and extended family members. Upon turning 12 years old, she followed in the tradition of her father and grandfather, spending summer breaks working long days of vegetable harvest, further instilling in her a deep appreciation for food’s connection to nourishment and sustainable farming practices.

During her studies in the Agricultural Communications program at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Elizabeth gained insights into the intersection of farming, food systems, and community relations, while also working part-time at Talley Vineyards’ tasting room throughout her senior year. Following graduation in 2018, she gained valuable experience in the customer service world through an internship at Disney World before pivoting back to wine at Paso Robles’ Wild Horse Winery, where she deepened her understanding of the commercial aspects of the wine industry.

An avid traveler, Elizabeth next ventured to Europe to pursue a Master’s Degree in Brand Design and Management from Istituto Europeo di Design, splitting her time between Florence, Italy, and Barcelona, Spain. Exposure to diverse wine cultures while abroad provided her with a new understanding for the profound impact tradition has on shaping the wine identity. Elizabeth reflects, “I came to more fully appreciate the multi-generational dedication of wineries around the world.”

In 2024, with her newfound appreciation for the industry and longstanding familial traditions, Elizabeth returned home and joined Talley Vineyards to work alongside her father and continue the family legacy. Today, she integrates her love for photography and social media with her expertise in marketing and event management. She also brings a passion for sustainability and community engagement. “I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work alongside my parents and grandparents and learn firsthand the value of hard work and appreciation for people,” Elizabeth notes. “I hope to continue passing along their vision as to how wineries and other businesses within the industry should treat both land and employees.”

Elizabeth is often found with her camera in hand, looking to capture standout moments of beauty across Talley Vineyards and the Central Coast. When not working amongst barrels and vines, she enjoys experimenting in her own kitchen, drawing inspiration from Talley Farms’ produce and Chez Panisse-worthy local ingredients. “As a vegetarian, I love the fact that I can cook using vegetables we grow on our farm,” she says. “This really is what our family has always loved most: celebrating our connection to the earth, one meal at a time.”